upgrade to 8.04 halts at locales

Alexandre Aguiar admin at asaguiar.med.br
Tue Aug 19 20:20:45 UTC 2008


Right now I have two machines halted at the same point.
After it starts locale upgrade (console) the AU locale is output and the 
whole process halts. Some processes do not even respond to kill commands.

Have plenty of disk space and plenty of memory, processors are an AMD 2.4GHz 
(with KDE 3.latest ubuntu update) and Intel 2.6GHz (with KDE 3.latest 
update available and KDE4). No unusual configuration. Stock kernel. Only R 
(statistical software) and ggobi compiled in.

Forced new download and the problem repeats.

Any missing relevant information?

What is going on and how to solve this?


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