Konqueror the ultimate Linux tool or cool things you can do with it

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Aug 19 15:54:25 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> 2008/8/16 Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca>:
>> sftp: is more efficient than fish:.  Certainly I'd recommend to use it
>> anywhere you can.  But the wonderful advantage of fish: is that you can
>> use
>> it _anywhere_ you can ssh, even if it doesn't have an sftp server!  It
>> does this by copying a small script to the account you log into via ssh,
>> that essentially acts as an ftp server.
> Efficient in what manner? Faster? (I have not noticed a speed difference)

Good question.  It falls under the category of "I've been told...".  I tend
to either access systems that are painfully slow _anyway_, or blindingly
fast in every case, so I can't say I've seen a difference either.  Maybe
I'll play with fish on one of the slow ones today, and see if it's notably

> What is the name of the script that fish creates? I've not noticed this.

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