Where are the scripts that launch apps on startup?

Alan Dacey (grokit) GrokIt at ajinfosearch.com
Sat Aug 16 16:36:30 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Alan Dacey (grokit) wrote:
>> I've just switched email from Kmail to Thunderbird.  Kontact still
>> launches when I boot and I want to replace it with Thunderbird.  I have
>> looked on the forums, in rutebook, and google but I cannot find anything
>> on where these scripts live.  I have a feeling I am using the wrong
>> search words.  I have nothing about them in ~/.kde/Autostart  Anyway,
>> can somebody point me in right direction?  Using Hardy & KDE 3.5
> kontact/kmail doesn't launch on startup (except by putting it in
> Autostart) - it's merely a persistent KDE application, which means that it
> starts in your session whenever it was running when your last session was
> closed.  So the question is, did you ever really close it?  Clicking on
> the "X" (close window) icon does NOT stop kontact/kmail.  You need to use
> the Quit option from the menu.

That's the ticket!  I had to kill the kmail process, then uncheck 'restore previous session'.
I didn't even think about persistence but I will next time.

Thanks Willie and Derek!

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