Konqueror the ultimate Linux tool or cool things you can do with it

Willy Hamra w.hamra1987 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 13:39:11 UTC 2008

2008/8/16 Jonas Norlander <jonorland at gmail.com>:
> 2008/8/16 Knapp <magick.crow at gmail.com>:
>> I started out this email with the idea of writing about a really cool
>> thing that I found you could do with Konqueror. I had no idea that
>> this was possible after years of use. Then I found someone who had
>> already done this.
>> http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-10878_11-6102390.html
>> On other I found in the URL adress space type
>> py:math
>> and you will be given a search of google python manual.
>> type
>> man:ls
>> and you will be given a great printout of the man command in a nice
>> KDE GUI format. Works for all man searches and it lists other commands
>> as you type too!
>> Does anyone else know of cool things konqueror can do?
>> --
>> Douglas E Knapp
> One really cool thing you can do with the KIO-slave is audiocd:/
> Speaking of that i miss the option to extract the files as FLAC. I got
> wav, ogg, cda and mp3 but no flac.
> A quick search pointed me to this bug
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdemultimedia/+bug/160260/

the most significant feature that made me believe that konqi can
really do magic, i searched every  menu item and option in amarok to
see how i can rip a CD, until i discovered the KIO-slave, real magic!
i also like that i can open multiple tabs while using konqi as a file
browser, very handy when moving/copying files across many directories.
even though i rarely use/need them, i like the integration features
with the rest of KDE, like seeing amarok's now playing info in the
left pane of konqi.

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