Fw: Can anybody help me????

John Heinen hensandpat at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 13 17:48:49 BST 2008

Billie Walsh wrote:
> On 08/13/2008 DEEPESH KATKAR wrote:
>>  Hello......I have just downloaded kubuntu upon my friend's
>>  recommendation and wanna use this as an operating system. How ever my
>>  desktop is also used by my bro who wants to keep Windows.........Can
>>  anybody help me by explaining how can use both the systems???? My
>>  friend also advised me that I can partition my HDD use both operating
>>  systems. If so, how much disk space will be used??? please note that
>>  I have following config for a pc...:
>>  160 GB HDD
>>  1 GB RAM
>>  Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz processor
>>  Windows XP OS
>>  I shall really be thank ful for ur help. I am not so good at
>>  computers but I m trying to learn a few things.
>>  Best Regards
>>  Deepesh Katkar
> Simple answer is yes you can use both.
> Most any CD burning software knows what to do with the ISO that you 
> downloaded. So burn the disk. Put it in the CD drive and reboot your 
> computer [ check the bios to make sure the computer will boot from the 
> CD drive before the hard drive ]. You will be given a choice of whether 
> you want to run Kubuntu from the CD [ can't save any work you do ], 
> install Kubuntu, boot from the hard drive, or check the CD [ not a bad 
> idea at this point ]. In a fresh install of this type I usually run from 
> the CD then when it's up and running click on the install icon on the 
> desktop. [ Why? - I don't know, I just do. ] After a couple pages of 
> information the installer will give you a suggestion on how to install. 
> Usually it does a pretty good job of choosing the sizes and partitions 
> and I will just go with it. If you want to do something different 
> there's an advanced button that takes you to another page where you can 
> set it up your way. Once that's done it installs.
> Once the installation is complete and the system reboots the first thing 
> you will see after the POST is the Grub boot menu. This is where you 
> choose which OS to run.
> Have fun.
Sure it's easy, go to firefox, read about wubi, let me know. John Heinen

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