NBC will not play video for linux!! Time for a lettering?

Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 14:57:47 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 12 August 2008 09:16:12 am Art Alexion wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 August 2008 7:04:56 am Knapp wrote:
> > They could also broadcast via Torrent with very little costs incurred.
> > Control is what this is about.
> You ignore the cost involved in actually producing the video, sending
> equipment, crews and sports journalists to Bejing and the exorbitant
> licensing fees paid to the IOC (which may or may not be shared with the
> host country).
> This is an expensive operation for the broadcasters.  The commercial
> broadcasters, like ABC in the US, offset this expense with advertising.
> Advertisers pay for exposure, the more exposure, the more they are willing
> to pay.  It is in the advertiser and broadcaster's interest to have the
> broadest possible access to the content.  It is in the interest of the
> licensor, the IOC, to limit that access per licensee, so that it can sell
> more exclusive licenses to more broadcasters.
> ABC does not want Americans to bypass ABC in favor of the BBC.  The IOC
> entices ABC to pay the high fees by promising that ABC will be the only
> source for Americans.  It enforces that promise by requiring each national
> or regional broadcaster to block IP addresses coming from countries or
> regions where other licensees have exclusive rights.

And I don't disagree with this.

I think, however, that we're delving into three areas of control:
1.  What content can be broadcast.
2.  Who can broadcast content and to whom.
3.  What platforms are available to receive content.

There may be another or two but this seems to represent the general 
conversation so far.

The Chinese are governing what content is sent out of their country.
The IOC is controlling who has licenses to broadcast and to what areas, and 
this I don't have a problem with as every enterprise is out to make money.
NBC controlled by MS software is controlling what platforms can receive the 
broadcast, either regular TV (HD, cable, sattelite, etc.) or over the web 
(Windows only viewable, and in areas covered by US assigned IP addresses per 
the IOC.)

There are only two parts of this I have a problem with:
1.  That Content has to be approved by the Government.
2.  That Only Windoze machines can view the live streams over the web.

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