[Bulk] KControl crashes when screen saver option is selected.

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 06:33:53 UTC 2008

I've had this happen when browsing screen savers to choose the one I 
wanted to use.  I've had some screen savers actually lock my display to 
where I had to reboot (though if I knew more I might have been able to 
restart X).  When that happens, the last screen saver you chose is the 
one that is first shown when you go to the screen saver tab, causing 
your machine to crash again.  To fix this, I had to edit my kdesktoprc 
file in ~/.kde/config.  In the [ScreenSaver] section, try changing the 
Saver= line to be something different.  Mine is currently 
"Saver=glslideshow.desktop" if you want to try that one.  Later, I 
turned off the screen saver and installed xscreensaver and I now use 
that.  That might be an option if you can't fix the problem easily.

Also, if I remember right, I got the screen saver tab to show in the 
"Configure Desktop" option when right-clicking the background by 
installing kde-desktop (and maybe kde-addons, I can't remember).  It's 
easier to get to the screen saver that way.  I think that Kubuntu is 
made to route you through the "System Settings" dialog, and removes that 
option.  I liked it too much from when I ran Debian, so I found a way to 
get it back.  I also can't live without the "Copy To" and "Move To" 
functionality when right-clicking on an icon on the desktop.  I don't 
remember if that was part of kde-addons or if I had to install something 

I've also had the same problem with some icons claiming to be deleted 
happen before, but for the life of me I can't remember how I got around 
that.  Maybe right-clicking and selecting "Refresh Desktop"?  Or doing a 
controlled shutdown and then restarting?  I vaguely remember having to 
kill some process that had them locked or something, but I can't 
remember for sure.  I should have taken notes.

Anyway, hope this helps.  The blind leading the blind.  Scary.


Peter Williams wrote:
> Hi Kubuntu Users,
> I have a bug which is simple to reproduce (for me). If I press Alt+F2 
> then enter 'kcontrol' and press enter, kcontrol opens. Then if I click 
> on the screen saver section it crashes. See attached file ( .kcrash file).
> I have tried re-installing kconsole and also the screen savers. I get 
> the same error.
> Earlier today my pc lost power and when the power came back on I 
> noticed that there are some icons on the desktop which I deleted -- 
> but when I click on them (to open) the Linux complains that the files 
> don't exist !?! Could this error be related to my kcontrol crash?!?
> I'm still just a newbie and I'd really appreciate any help!!!
> -- 
> Fond Regards,
> Peter Eric (aka 'pew') WILLIAMS
> from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia -- phone (03) 6236-9675
> My free website is: http://pewtas.googlepages.com (or) 
> http://tinyurl.com/yuyejs
> (please visit my free website and let me know what you think about it.)

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