I need to Sort [alphabetically] the Application Launcher Menu (widget)

Peter Williams pewtas at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 09:55:09 UTC 2008

Hi Gordon & All,

2008/8/11 Gordon Schulz <gordon.schulz at gmail.com>:
> On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 15:45, Peter Williams <pewtas at gmail.com> wrote:

>> >1) How can I make all of my menus and submenus and menu items be
>> >SORTED -- instead of not sorted (which is what they currently are).

> Hmm, actually the default should be to have them sorted.
> Go to the KDEControlCenter / Desktop / Panels / Menus (Tab). There's
> the settings for the KMenu. I think it defaults to Name - Description,
> maybe try changing it to some other value.

Gordon, may I ask a silly question?!? What do you mean by "Go to the
KDEControlCenter"?!? Where is the KDEControlCenter? I could not find
any entry in the KMenu by this name (I even used the Search edit box,
to no avail). Or is it a terminal command -- like 'kmenuedit'? Please

I even opened an xterm shell and used the command "man -k kde" -- and
that listed a lot of commands -- but I could not identify any of these
as KDEControlCenter.

Maybe I need to install something to get it?!?

>> >2) When I edited the submenus and menu items, I selected each item one
>> >at a time. Is there a way that I can select multiple menu items (e.g.
>> >like holding the control key or using the shift key -- to select more
>> >than just one menu item)

> I don't think that's possible, but I'd like to stand corrected. :)


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> Gordon.

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PEW [ Perplexed!!! but still *SMILING* ]

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