NBC will not play video for linux!! Time for a lettering?

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at mail.ee
Sun Aug 10 20:33:00 UTC 2008

> wine? what about the iexplore.exe that comes with wine? it uses a
> gecko engine, but don't know what it reports to the site, it's worth a
> try "wine iexplore.exe http://whatever"
> can't silverlight be installed in wine's C drive?
> sorry for not trying these on my own, but i'm at work currently.

Didn't work. There is project - http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Installation but when IE 
6.0 were installed, it reports not right windows version but only some kind of winereg version and 
it didn't pass that site browser check.

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