re dual boot Kubuntu 8.0.4/Ubuntu 8.0.4

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Sun Aug 10 12:42:10 BST 2008

2008/8/10 Alan <GrokIt at>:
> On Saturday 09 August 2008 6:01:21 pm Ray Burke wrote:
>> Sirs,
>> I am trying to dual boot my current system which is-
>> 1/ Hddo drive c 80gb xp pro sp3
>> 2/ hdd1 drive d 40gb me
>> so I want instructions on how to make my drive d hdd1 40gb Mesystem as
>> replaced with dual boot Kubuntu 8.0.4/Ubuntu 8.0.4 , thus keepingmy xp pro
>> sp3 on Hdd0 drive c, so I can have a dual boot Hdd0 xp pro sp3on drive c
>> 80gb and Ubuntu drive d Hdd1 40gb, can you help,as not sure where I load up
>> the iso disc I made of the Kubuntu/Ubuntu onto whatcurrent systems on
>> either xp pro or Me, and does it pickup that I have twoseperate
>> drives???????????? ray
>> _________________________________________________________________
> Very easy to do.
> 1- Hardware Setup
> BACKUP ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KEEP.  Write down exactly how everything is connected, masking tape is
> useful.  Open up your computer and make your ME drive the primary and the XP drive the slave.  I am
> assuming these are IDE drives.  If so don't forget to change the jumper pin between the power
> supply and the ribbon.  Reboot your machine to make sure that is back together correctly and the 40
> gig drive is primary.
> If you don't want to do that and have SATA drives, change the boot order in the BIOS to CD, HDD1,
> HDD0 so that the disk you want to install *buntu on is first.

If you do this im sure windows will not boot as will not fint the NT
loader and you must change the entries in boot.ini and after that your
C: partition will now be D: or something else and that will mess up
all referense in the register and shortcuts. Thats is just asking for
trouble. Let the drives be as they are and install Ubuntu on your D:
drive that is not a problem for the Ubuntu or the install program.

/ Jonas

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