messed up my kicker menubar

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Sun Aug 10 07:34:37 UTC 2008

Talung Tilac wrote:
> On Wednesday 9 July 2008, Karl Klinger wrote:
>> O. Sinclair wrote:
>>> Right,
>>> somehow I completely messed up my kicker menubar, the one where
>>> active windows are supposed to be showing... this happened while
>>> trying something related to Google Desktop. I went to System
>>> Settings - Window Behaviour - tab Advanced. Ticked the box "Hide
>>> utility windows for inactive applications".
>>> Bang - got a crash notice I did not think much about until I left
>>> the place in question and found the menu bar showing no apps
>>> windows/icons.
>>> No matter what I try and change since then it has absolutely no
>>> effect whatsoever. Have played around with "dcop kicker kicker
>>> restart", no change whatsoever. If I add an extra External
>>> Taskbar it nicely shows the apps in that one... same with a
>>> KasBar. But I prefer the "running apps" back where I am used
>>> to....
>>> Any help appreciated,
>>> Sinclair
>> Could it be that the taskbar applet got removed from the panel?
>> Karl
> ------------------------------
> I had a similar problem.
> I renamed the "Kickerrc" file to "Kickerrc.old" and logged out or 
> rebooted (can't remember which) 
> and kde creates a new file that works.
> File is located below
> /home/##your home directoryname#/.kde/share/config/Kickerrc
> rgds TT
> -----------------------------------
In my case it was the Taskbar Applet that was removed by my messing 
around. HOW/WHY is a different story but I had to do was put it back.


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