GRUB question.

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I think it varies bios to bios.

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Constantinos Maltezos wrote:
> If your computer is off, it can be a headache to turn it on and sit there 
> hitting the eject button until it responds, then get the CD in there and 
> it in time to boot off of it - especially if you have a fast machine.  With 
> option in GRUB, you can calmly wait for the CD/DVD drive to respond, place 
> CD in at your leisure and let it boot without needing to reboot.
Isn't that what the pause button is for? Switch on the computer, at the 
first beep hit the pause button. Now the computer will wait for you and 
the CD/DVD drive will respond. Open the drawer, put in the CD from which 
you wish to boot and then press the enter key. The computer will now 
continue and will boot from the CD.

Or have I got it all wrong?

Neil Winchurst

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