My Ibex is virtually panicking!

GrokIt GrokIt at
Fri Aug 8 22:23:10 UTC 2008

  I want to check out Intrepid but I do not want to install it on my only machine since I go to 
college online.  I do not have enough hard drive space to make another partition to install it on 
so I decided that I would make a virtual machine.  I use the latest version of VirtualBox on 
Kubuntu 8.04.  My problem is that every time I try to install 8.10 I get a kernel panic.  Here is 
what I did and got the same problem with each using Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and the alternate version.   
        Downloaded the iso file.  MD5 sum is correct.  Made a new virtual machine.  Panic from iso 
as boot disk after I try to install.  Burn disk at 4X to use as a boot disk and yes I did that 
correctly.  Make a new virtual machine.  Panic from CD as boot disk after I try to install.  I also 
get a kernel panic when I try to check the CD's or iso's for defects.  Memtest works fine but that 
doesn't use the kernel, I think.  
        I have a couple of virtual machines from DOS 6.2 to XP, Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE 4, and a few 
other linux distros so I know how to work with Vbox.  I know how to edit files inside an iso, if 
that would fix this.  I've been on *buntu for almost a year, use AIX at work and overcame heinous 
upgrade and nvidia problems (envy is a godsend, thank you Alberto!) so I guess I've graduated from 
noob.  I can't find anything useful about this on the internets and I have no chickens for 
voodoo.  If anyone has some ideas I would love to try them out.  I can't wait until October :-(

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