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Fri Aug 8 18:23:08 UTC 2008

On Friday August 8 2008 13:19:08 I wrote:
> No they're not. They're widget containers that can house almost any kind of
> widget written in most any language, and put it anywhere on the screen(s).
> Put widgets on the desktop, put widgets on only desktops 2 and 3, put
> widgets in the panel on odd-numbered desktops, put widgets in widgets.
> (That last is exactly what you're doing when you put something in the panel
> on KDE4; putting a widget container in a widget container.) The concept and
> the code are still very much works in progress, but that's exciting stuff.
> But wait there's more; eventual plans include real integration with KDE
> applications, so you could (for instance) drag the icon for your inbox out
> of Kontact's window onto the desktop or onto a panel and viola! Your inbox
> is now a plamoid. This is cool stuff.

Replying to myself, on the subject of interesting use-cases. Seems this guy 
has written a hack that turns any running app into a Plasmoid. Neat idea.


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