Kde 4.1 thoughts

Steve C. Lamb grey at dmiyu.org
Fri Aug 8 17:50:30 UTC 2008

    Ok, I've posted a few times to this list my utter disgust at the state of
KDE v4.0.  I feel that it is only fair that I also post my initial reaction to

    My first reaction while KDE 4.1 was starting up was that the background is
very, very nice.  I know that is fluff but as pretty as the Gnome background
is in 8.04 I felt it was a shame that KUbuntu did not have an equally striking
background.  KDE 4.1's background is absolutely spot on.  Subdued and not busy
enough to work as a wallpaper, striking in its lines and colors.  I love it.

    Next up is the panel.  Previously I was quite upset that simlpe things
like moving items on the panel was not included.  That has been rectified.
Items are now movable so one doesn't have to know the secret handshake to get
items placed where desired on the panel.  Also the method of locating the
panel and sizing it is quite intuative.

    I am still cold to the whole "plasmoid" thing.  Seriously, they're
applications inside non-standard window controls.  Requires the user to noodle
out non-standard way of manipulating them and they're, by and large, a waste
of screen real-estate.  I honestly don't see why these are supposed to be the
hottest thing since sliced bread nor why so much time is going into developing
the framework when it is of little to no benefit and obvious non-intuative
duplication of controls.

    All-in-all KDE4.0 was utter crap.  KDE4.1 is a huge step in the right
direction.  It is nominally usable now.  Meaning once I replaced the idiot
menu with the functional one (which is still graphically buggy) the system is
to a level where one can perform basic functions.

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