GRUB question.

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Aug 8 14:21:03 UTC 2008

Constantinos Maltezos wrote:

> On Thursday 07 August 2008 9:20:08 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Giorgos Kostopoulos wrote:
>> > I just installed kubuntu and I have a question.
>> > GRUB set entries for launching kubuntu and windows.
>> > I added myself an entry, for booting from the floppy (fd0).
>> >
>> > Is there any possibility for adding a similar entry for booting from CD
>> > (without rebooting)?
>> You set it to boot from CD in the BIOS (any bios should give you a series
>> of options for boot devices - as long as your system is capable of
>> booting from CD, it will be there).  There _is_ no way to boot without
>> rebooting...
> I'm not sure what you're saying here.  My GRUB has an entry for my DVD
> drive and has no problems booting from it.

What I'm saying is there's no need for it.

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