slightly OT: Internet weirdities

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Fri Aug 8 06:54:50 UTC 2008

 On 8 Aug 2008 at 1:38, Willy K. Hamra wrote about:
 slightly OT: Internet weirdities

> I was "apt-get"ing a few programs, and was with a lot of pain watching
> the speed counting in bytes per second, something around 200
> bytes/second! i thought it might be a bad night for downloading, ISP
> overloaded or something, i tried pinging google, but the ping went very
> well, with fast responses, so i thought i might try pinging
>, maybe the servers are overloaded, and to my
> astonishment as soon as the pinging started the download went straight
> to 12 KiB/sec  which is quite well for my 128 kbps, but got me wondering
> why such stuff happens? is it ISP related or something to do my PC?

You are posting from a Tiscali UK address. Does one need to say more? 
They are infamous for loading their networks up beyond capacity. Is 
it any wonder that they cannot get anyone to buy them?

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