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Thu Aug 7 18:11:01 UTC 2008

On Thursday August 7 2008 12:24:21 Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> Derek Broughton wrote:
> > Glenn R Williams wrote:
> >> True! :) Actually, more than once I've found it useful to switch to
> >> Gnome when KDE has been particularly broken.
> >
> > Me too, but it's only because I can practically always lay my hands on an
> > Ubuntu CD, because I keep getting them in magazines, whereas I never seem
> > to have a Kubuntu CD when I desperately need it.
> BTW does GNOME and KDE (3 or 4 doesn't matter) interfere with each other
> in a any negative way? like KDE3 and KDE4 do when put together? having
> KDE4 with GNOME and without KDE3 seems to be a plausible idea to try KDE4.

(The following is just one anecdote, and from about six months ago on Ubuntu 
7.10. This may no longer be the case, I have no idea.)

When I got my new laptop, I started with a Kubuntu 7.10-KDE4 install, then put 
ubuntu-desktop on it. All my Gnome startup programs (screenlets, tilda, et 
cetera) would start when I logged into KDE4 (but not vice versa). Which by 
itself may have been bearable, but KDE uses Kwin as the window manager and 
Gnome uses Compiz, so all the effects and stuff that the screenlets were trying 
to do just made the screen a flickery, unusable mess. I never did figure out how 
to make that not happen.

btw, if anyone knows how to fix that (if it's even still true), I'd love to 

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