kde4.1 and xrandr

Paul pkaplan1 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 7 10:25:46 UTC 2008

I'm beginning to suspect that many of the behavioral problems I'm having w/ 
kde 4.1 on kubuntu 8.04 are related to running on an intel 915 graphics 
chip/i810 driver and two monitors; a laptop 1024x768 and external 1280x1024.

I use xrandr to config a large virtual desktop spanning both monitors 
(2304x1024), which works fine under kde3.5.9 and xfce, but 4.1 can't seem to 
handle this configuration; some pretty consistent bugs as well as some 
seemingly random ones.

Things seem better behaved if I run on only one or the other monitor, but even 
cloning the output to both seems to cause some problems, probably because of 
the different screen sizes.

Is there any work being done on getting 4.x to play nice with xrandr and dual 
monitors?  Is there a timetable for completion?  Does anyone know if this is 
a 4.1 problem or a kubuntu problem?


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