Issue with LDAP and DHCP, any ideas?

Ardavon Falls afalls at
Wed Aug 6 05:38:16 UTC 2008

When using LDAP and DHCP, it fails to get a DHCP lease frequently and 
login is unbearably slow because pam spending its time waiting for it to 
time-out trying to reach the LDAP server.
NOTE: I  modified my interfaces file to include both eth0 as well as lo 
(by default it only has lo). Now, if I don't use ldap, then I can log in 
using a local user and then once I log in, it tries to do a DHCP request 
that works most of the time. Also, when I do sudo /etc/networking 
restart it takes for ever and never recieves a dhcp response. I know 
that you are thinking there must be something weird about my dhcp 
server, but back when I had an older version of Kubuntu running, it 
worked fine. Any ideas anyone?

I'm using Kubuntu 8.04 amd64



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