set up a root password

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Tue Aug 5 17:45:25 UTC 2008

Call me a geek - I *am* a geek - but a system is not useful to me if I
cannot do what needs to be done.  I can certainly keep other users from
hurting themselves while I have my way with the system and I don't think
that is a problem.  For those wishing to increase their knowledge, mistakes
are to be expected.  Some of my best knowledge has come from mistake

BTW, I was responsible for bringing up 100s of UN*X systems at a dinosaur of
the computer industry during the days of migration to that platform for
engineering tools.  I know how to maintain control of not just one, but a
network of systems and how to keep unknowledgeable users - like traditional
MEs - from hurting themselves and others.

If you want a fail-safe, no-brainer buy a windows box off the rack.  They
come with recovery disks you know.  A sys admin needs to have the *power*,

Cliff "...and now...a Scotsman on a horse..."

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cliff weisgerber wrote:

> I have been a UN*X guru since the PDP days of Bell Labs and then Berkeley
> and then...and then linux.  My first experience with kubuntu left me
> wondering how to get root access, which is necessary. 

Root _access_ is necessary.  "su" isn't.

> I don't think it is 
> unwise to offer this info.  More like it is unwise to try to hide root
> access.  If folks blow their system up, so be it.  Hopefully, lesson
> learned.

Well, you're right.  You've just proved you're a Unix guru from the old
days.  Sometimes we learn over time.  Learning by blowing things up is not
the best method, but one that true geeks believe should be forced on

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