set up a root password

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regards :)
Derek how old are you ?
i am 63 :)

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> Girard Henri wrote:
>>>From time to time this question is asked !
>> It should be better to write it down on kubuntu or ubuntu doc
> It's there on the wiki, in more than one place, but why would a new user 
> be
> any more likely to find it there?  The question is only asked by people 
> who
> never googled "Ubuntu root password"
>> I don't like it though i am using it for few years now
>> i like to decide myself what i have to do... open mind !!
> And how has Ubuntu changed that?  If they'd default to having users use a
> root account (bad juju) they'd still have made the default decision.  The
> only difference is that you wouldn't be complaining because it would be 
> the
> decision you liked.  There _has_ to be a default, and Ubuntu's choice is
> right for so many reasons.
>> if you want to create a root passwd and work as root
>> do this :
> No matter how you feel about it, it's a really, REALLY, bad idea to tell
> newbies how to do this before encouraging them to use the system as it was
> initially setup.
>> but if you break your linux one day don't complain :) lol
> There's nothing to "lol" about there.  You've just suggested a brand new
> user do something risky for no better reason than that you don't like the
> way ubuntu does it.
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> derek
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