Fwd: Re: Kubuntu KDE4.1 - Dolphin won't start

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Aug 5 14:24:56 UTC 2008

O. Sinclair wrote:

> Try starting it using either ALT+F2 and then type "dolphin" in the
> "command window" or you can use Katapult - hold down ALT and then SPACE,
> type "do" and hit enter IF Dolphin shows up, if not continue typing
> UNTIL it shows up. If it does not something is wacko. I would then
> remove and reinstall. Or use Konqueror....

Both of those have the same problem as just starting from the menu - you
can't see _why_ it isn't starting.  The answer is probably
in .xsession_errors though (even if you started it from the menu).

It's much simpler to start in a terminal, and see the results immediately.

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