two different KDE configs at once?

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at
Tue Aug 5 04:28:53 UTC 2008

Is it possible to have two different KDE configurations?

I tend to stay logged in all the time at work.  I've managed to get NX
and my VPNworking really nicely, so when I am at home I can log in to
my work system almost as if I am at the system.  (For those that don't
know NX, it is a really kick-ass remote desktop system.  If you've
ever seen how much faster Windows remote desktop is than VNC, well, NX
is that much faster than remote desktop.)  The problem is that NX
doesn't let you join a running session--instead, it creates a new
session .  This new session persists across logins, but it means that
unless I log out from my physical session, I have two KDEs running

It's not such a big problem, but I'd rather not have certain programs
start under NX and leave them for when I'm actually at the computer.
It would be nice to have two KDE configs--one for my direct logins and
one for my virtual ones.



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