Window response improved

chuck adams k7qo at
Tue Aug 5 03:00:29 UTC 2008

Early today a patch came for and I
think I saw a note about Intel video.

I shutdown my system after the upgrade
due to thunderstorms moving through the
area.  Since then, I have done over 200
pages of scans using xsane.  Not once
during that time did I have a slow
response to mouse movements or mouse
clicks for controls.

It would seem to me that the previous
posting of my problems has magically
disappeared and I'm hoping that it was
the patch.

I'm running 8.04.1 kubuntu on a dual-core
AMD 64 system with nvidia graphics card.

Thanks to the developers who read this
group and note such problems and make
an effort to find and fix them.  It is greatly



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