Make a word list from a text

Mark A. Taff marktaff at
Sat Aug 2 05:00:20 UTC 2008

On Friday 01 August 2008 20:52:46 Wulfy wrote:
> I want to take a text file and extract all the words and sort them into
> a unique list.  I've looked at split, cut, sed and awk (the last two
> just confused me no end...  :@( ) and I can't find a imple way to do
> it.  I suppose I could write a Java program to do it, but it seems silly
> to reinvent the wheel like that.  I'm sure there are a bazillion ways to
> do it on the command line but I'm flummoxed.  I tried googling and every
> search string I tried brought me dozens of Windows programs to do the
> job or python programs, but nothing I could understand...
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How about:

perl -e '$data = `cat ./pgadmin.log`; @words = split(/ /, $data); foreach \ 
$word (@words) { print "$word\n"; }'|sort|uniq 

Replace ./pgadmin.log with your FILE.



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