how to authenticate my local repository

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Apr 30 17:38:08 UTC 2008

Bruce Marshall wrote:

> On Wednesday 30 April 2008, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> I _know_ that doesn't work.  What is _in_ /var/cache/apt/archives is
>> indexed in /var/lib/dpkg...  You can't just stick a .deb in the archives
>> directory and expect it to be found.
> No, I didn't say that "any old" deb pkg would be found.   Just debs copied
> from another machine that has been updated.  Adept (for example)  will
> find any deb file in the archives that it has processed or is called for
> by the update sequence.
If you want to share your /var/cache/apt/archives, you need to share
your /var/lib/dpkg as well - otherwise, it's just "any old deb"

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