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Neil Winchurst neil at holsdev.vispa.com
Wed Apr 30 16:32:45 UTC 2008

On Wed, 30 Apr 2008 17:15:33 +0100
Harriet Winchurst <harriet at holsdev.vispa.com> wrote:

> Begin forwarded message:
> Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 17:33:07 +0200
> From: Nigel Henry <cave.dnb2m97pp at aliceadsl.fr>
> To: kubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com
> Subject: Re: Sound on Gutsy
> On Wednesday 30 April 2008 16:12, Neil Winchurst wrote:
> > I have just installed Gutsy from scratch, having used Edgy for 18 months.
> > So far so good, except for lack of sound. I have been playing with kmix but
> > to no avail. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Neil Winchurst
> Hi Neil. If sound was working on Edgy, but sound is not working on Gutsy 
> Gibbon on the same machine, it may not be a big problem. Kmix isn't always 
> great. Have you tried alsamixer on KDE's Konsole. There may be something that 
> needs to be unmuted, or some slider pushed up a bit.
> You could send the output of:
> cat /proc/asound/cards
> lsmod | grep snd
> Do you have anything plugged into the USB, that is sound related? Webcam, Usb 
> midi keyboard, etc? I had no problems with sound on my Gutsy install. the usb 
> midi keyboard, and a snd module for my TV card were correctly ordered 
> in /proc/asound/cards, and the actual soundcard was set as card0, but 
> sometimes this goes a bit pearshaped, and you could find a webcam mike being 
> set as card0, and consequently the soundcard is not available, as it should 
> be card0.
> If you feel like it, you could also download this script, make it executable, 
> then run it. See below for link to download.
> http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa/raw-file/tip/alsa-info.sh
> The script when run retrieves a bunch of info about the sounds on your 
> machine, and uploads the output to the pastebin site.
> If you go with this, post back the link to the pastebin site in your reply.
> All the best.
> Nigel.
Sorry, I did not explain very well. I tried Gutsy on Virtual Box
before deciding to install it. At first I had no sound, but I
did something that got it working. Of course, I have forgotten
the details now, but I seem to remember that something that
defaults to mute had to be unmuted. So I know that it should
work. Oh well, more searching!!


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