Assigning ROOT a password

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at
Wed Apr 30 13:03:40 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 30 April 2008 01:03:44 am Bill Vance wrote:
> Larry Hartman wrote:
> {snip}
> >My point only had meaning under the assumption of an enabled root account.
> >Why lock the back door if the front door has a gaping hole?  But this
> > point died when I realized and was simultaneously told that the root
> > account is disabled.
> Assuming one wanted to enable it, how would you go about doing it?


Look to KDE Settings ==> System Administration ==> User Management for GUI.

You will need to click on Administrator Mode to see all the details and make 
any changes. 

I believe the *buntu recommendation is to leave it disabled due to security 
reasons and to weigh the need of having this enabled against lesser security.  
I believe that everything done in root can be accomplished 
with "sudo"/"kdesudo", so the *need* should be exceptionally rare.


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