JFS vs EXT3 vs XFS vs ReiserFS

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 07:11:53 UTC 2008

> Unless the EXT3 commit algorithm has had some work done on it, EXT3 is a 
> poor choice for laptops or any other power consumption sensitive device. 
>  Historically (and maybe still) EXT3 used fixed commit interval, 
> regardless of what was or wasn't happening.  This meant that your hard 
> drive was rarely (if ever) going to spin down if not being used; it was 
> woken up every couple of seconds to do meaningless commits.
Well I am no hacker but I have used, and am using, ext3 on my laptop(s) 
since a couple of years and this does NOT happen. The disks nicely "go 
to sleep" when there is no activity. So I assume this has been fixed one 
way or the other.

ReiserFS (if I recall what I have read about it correctly) is said to 
have the problem that if the system crashes (powercut or such) the 
journals can be corrupt and then they really mean nothing. This is what 
I suspect happened to the desktops where I used ReiserFS as we have 
frequent powercuts and users not always by desktop to shutdown before 
UPS runs out of steam. No such problems with ext3, regardless of other 


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