64 bit: these are my apps

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 21:11:41 UTC 2008

2008/4/29 Kelly L. Fulks <kfulks at knology.net>:
>  Dotan,
>  I have loaded 64 bit Kubuntu on a new machine.  I loaded 7.10 as I don't
>  like loading the latest release so quickly after it comes out on my
>  "production" machine.  I don't necessarily use all the applications that
>  you use, but I wanted to relate my experience as a first time x86_64 user.
>  Overall, the experience has been very good.  The install went smooth, I
>  had to use a text install as I couldn't seem to get the live CD to work
>  with my dual 7300GT video cards (personal problem I later discovered).
>  Everything installed and worked as expected (more or  less).
>  I had to go through a couple of minor hoops to get Flash working on the
>  system, but nothing major.  I just had to make sure that all the
>  prerequisites were installed properly.  As to the programs that you use,
>  I don't use VirtualBox, but VMWare is running very well.  I have had no
>  issues with FireFox or Thunderbird either one.  Both seem to be stable
>  and working very well (only up for a couple of days right now).  I have
>  installed Wine and IEs4Linux (I do some web site development and need to
>  check it) and that works as expected.  GoogleEarth screams on this
>  machine, it becomes a usable application for me.
>  I installed Sun Java 6 and it went on without an issue, I haven't done
>  anything with it yet, but plan to do so shortly.  However, the Java
>  Plug-in is not there for it.  However, I installed the icedtea (Java 7)
>  plugin and it seems to be working for me.  I have used it to pull up a
>  couple of sites with Java Applets and not problems have been experienced
>  with it.
>  I haven't fully tested everything on this new machine, but so far I am
>  impressed with it.  I don't see any real reason not to run the 64 bit
>  version for most users.  My only lasting issue is with sound, but it is
>  specific to my install.  I will be putting a sound card in the system in
>  the next day or two to hopefully fix that problem.  The ASUS M2N-SLI
>  motherboard uses a C-Media USB sound system that apparently ALSA doesn't
>  really like.

Thanks. I see that I may be able to get by with 64 bit better than I
thought. In the end, I wound up reinstalling 32 bit as I've no more
CDs to burn, but I will test install a 64 bit system to see how it
goes before I need it. I've 10GB set away on this drive just for that.

Dotan Cohen


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