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Tue Apr 29 14:31:20 UTC 2008

>  Very sad; if only he had engineered his family life the way he had
>  engineered his software he may not have ended up in this situation (of
>  course there are times when bad situations arise no matter how much
>  you try to engineer them away).
>  Andrew

I would conjecture that is the reason for the friction between himself
and his wife, who from many reports was just your average soccer mum.

Hans is a very abrasive guy, I used to watch his postings to the LKML
with much interest and anticipated entertainment. He got Linus riled
quite a few times, as he was always badgering Linus about having the
ReiserFS as a mainstream FS in Linux.
Linus disagreed with Hans about many things (stability, toolsets for
fixing it, bugs, reliability etc), and so slapped it down a lot.

I have no idea if he actually did it or not, but I'm hoping someone
picks up where namesys has died and continues work on this promising
then again, ZFS looks damned sweet as well :-)

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