Derek Broughton news at
Mon Apr 28 13:42:24 UTC 2008

David McGlone wrote:

> On Saturday 26 April 2008 6:36:41 am Willy Hamra wrote:
>> i installed polipo, a cache program, and i want it to start at startup
> One way you could do it is put it in your startup folder in /home.

Not /home :-)

$HOME - which is /home/$USER

But I have a few comments about that, anyway.

polipo should be automatically running out of /etc/init.d/, so you shouldn't
need to do anything.

I used polipo: now (as of last week) I'm using wwwoffle.  Wwwoffle is _much_
better - it should run out of /etc/init.d/ too.

And what startup folder is in your home directory, anyway?  Programs started
under kubuntu at user login to kde are in $HOME/.kde/Autostart.  Programs
started at shell login would have to be manually added to one of the
~/.bash* scripts.

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