Domain name

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Apr 28 13:36:20 UTC 2008

Anthony E. Caudel wrote:

> Constantinos Maltezos wrote:
>> Sorry I came into this late...  I might be completely off about this, but
>> I'm
>> wondering if the OP was talking about the hostname?  If so, you can
>> edit /etc/hostname as root with your favorite text editor and change the
>> one line that's in it to whatever you want, as long as it contains no
>> spaces and up to one period.
>> Of course, I could be totally off.  It was hot today and I might not be
>> thinking straight.
> No, I wasn't talking about my hostname.
> Re other conversations here, someone told me that static ip's and
> networkmanager don't get along.

I think you should have actually mentioned static IPs...

It's not so much that they don't get along, as NM assumes you don't want it

What you really need to do is set up your router as Paul has - to serve up
specific IPs to specific MAC addresses, then you get the result of static
IPs with the benefit of DHCP and Network Manager.  Much less fuss.

Just don't mess with the /etc/hosts files as Paul did - that's adding an
unnecessary level of complexity.

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