Security-related questions

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Apr 28 13:05:04 UTC 2008

Larry Hartman wrote:

> 3.  Despite what these lawyers are doing, I do not trust the internet as a
> viable option for secure storage.  If it is on the net, it is available
> for all to hack and see.

I'm sure they don't actually _store_ the data on the Internet - rather it's
accessible via the Internet.  Knowing something about the paranoia of
lawyers, I suspect they also do things like putting the data on a
net-accessible system only on receipt of a phone call from the lawyer who
needs it, and removing it from that system asap.

> 4.  Someone above mentioned that even if the user account were not visible
> in the display manager, the username had to be listed in
> /etc/passwd...which would be a give away to investigators that something
> is up.
> 5.  Any overt encryption would also be a dead giveaway.
> 6.  Perhaps my question would be rephrased to, "how to hide data in such a
> transparent way so as to not arouse suspicions that would cause further
> investigation?"

You could surely work up a way to hide data inside all sorts of image files. 
If they were pornographic, anyone looking would surely think they knew why
you were being secretive :-)

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