How to copy ~/.kde from old system to new?

David Fletcher kubuntu-users at
Mon Apr 28 08:29:17 UTC 2008

At 07:15 28/04/2008, you wrote:

>If you have multiple accounts, it may be a problem. If you create the
>accounts with the same names but in a different sequence than on the old
>system, the home directories will have the correct names but wrong
>ownership. The filesystem stores the ownership using numbers, not names.
>You would have to run a command like this:
>cd /home; for d in *; do sudo chown -R $d:$d $d; done
>As an alternative you could find out the UID/GID for each user with
>ls -ln /home
>before you create the accounts. Then use these numbers while creating the

Something sort of related to this is, how do I get the passwords 
reinstated from the old system to the new system?

As a guess, do I use a text editor to copy in the relevant entries 
from the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files after re creating the 
required accounts on the new system?


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