xserver-xorg (was: Re: Video settings)

p.daniels teeahr1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 06:14:55 UTC 2008

On Sunday 27 April 2008 23:11:17 Andrew Jarrett wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 11:57 PM, Billie Walsh <bilwalsh at swbell.net> wrote:
> >   From the rate of flicker I'm pretty sure the vertical refresh rate is
> >  about 60 hz. If I could figure out how/where I would just plug in the
> >  correct figure. O read that bit in x.org but still don't have a clue.
> Mmmm... before you go off hacking xorg.conf maybe you should try:
> sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
> at the commandline.  I have been following the thread and I'm pretty
> sure (I hope) no one has suggested this yet.
> Andrew
> --
> 45 5F E1 04 22 CA 29 C4 93 3F 95 05 2B 79 2A B2

xserver-xorg no longer handles display setup. Where it went off to I have no 
idea and really wish somebody would tell me. Go look at your xorg.conf, it's 
full of "configured this" and "configured that." For now, the best advice I 
got when I was having display issues in alpha5 was to put the display section 
back into xorg.conf manually (I was lucky and had an old copy of my xorg 
lying around, worked fine). But really, where did the functionality that 
xserver-xorg used to handle _go_?

sorry for threadjacking-

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