Assigning ROOT a password

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Mon Apr 28 04:03:19 UTC 2008

Larry Hartman wrote:
>> The reason for not having a root password is to prevent the
>> software that is used to crack passwords from being able
>> to get to your system.
> huh?  I am dizzified by this statement.
> Seems counterintuitive to all that I have been taught about user account 
> security.  I can hear the MS sys admins hollaring now, use a 16-digit, 
> random, 4 special characters, 4 lower-case, 4 upper-case, and 4 numbers 
> password!
> If the above is the case, it leads to the next question, why assign any 
> passwords for other usernames?  I'd like to know the logic behind the above 
> quoted statement better....and what distinguishes security for root, vice 
> security for a username that uses its own password for SUDO access, that can 
> lead to root access?
> Larry
If there's no "root password" how can a password cracker "crack" it. 
Using your regular password as "sudo" doesn't look obviously right to 
someone trying to crack your "root password" [ unless they know that 
root access is done by sudo on a particular system ].

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