Assigning ROOT a password

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at
Mon Apr 28 03:51:46 UTC 2008

> The reason for not having a root password is to prevent the
> software that is used to crack passwords from being able
> to get to your system.

huh?  I am dizzified by this statement.

Seems counterintuitive to all that I have been taught about user account 
security.  I can hear the MS sys admins hollaring now, use a 16-digit, 
random, 4 special characters, 4 lower-case, 4 upper-case, and 4 numbers 

If the above is the case, it leads to the next question, why assign any 
passwords for other usernames?  I'd like to know the logic behind the above 
quoted statement better....and what distinguishes security for root, vice 
security for a username that uses its own password for SUDO access, that can 
lead to root access?


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