64 bit: these are my apps

Geoffrey Bays charioteer7 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 00:57:37 UTC 2008

Dotan: I am using 64-bit Kubuntu.There are flash problems with 64-bit
firefox as you know. Java 5.0 or 6.0 are just fine, but there is no
64-bit jre plugin for Firefox/Opera to run applets, at least not
yet.thunderbird is just fine.Have not tried Wine yet.


geoff Bays

On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 8:40 PM, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Due to kernel problems with the 32 bit Kubuntu, I am considering
>  trying 64 bit. I know that 32 bit firefox can be installed on
>  a 64 bit system, but what about these other apps:
>  * VirtualBox non-free. I use the non-free as I need USB support
>  * Thunderbird (if Firefox is problematic, than thunderbird might be too)
>  * Wine (only for winplot32)
>  * GoogleEarth
>  * Sun Java (need it for studies)
>  Thanks in advance.
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