Security-related questions

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at
Sun Apr 27 18:44:19 UTC 2008

Bill Parr wrote:
> I travel internationally quite frequently - boarding at least 4
> international flights per month in a variety of countries, most months more
> - and haven't had to even open my laptop in at least 5 years. 5 years or
> more ago I was often ask to just open my computer - to in effect demonstrate
> that either the boot screen came up, or (if I had put it to sleep) that it
> was capable of being started.
> Bill Parr

Well my laptop has been sniffed twice with some strange tool that I 
guess was meant to analyze particles in case I packed a bomb in my hard 
drive... this happened in a UK airport, and I guess the reason the 
machine was treated so was that in one case I was carrying two laptops 
and in another case a huge amount of cables, small devices and blah... I 
actually had to turn the pc on only once, in a small italian airport 
where the guards were probably getting so bored by the small amount of 
real work they had to do that they wanted to kill a couple of minutes... 
  again, no login required :) cloning the drive? They wouldn't have been 
able to tell the difference between my mac and my windows box... not 
that it's their job, either...


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> For all these people compalining about border guards and TSA agents and
> everything searching a computer's hard drive, how often are you actually
> traveling?  I am through an airport every other week and sometimes 3 or 4
> times through an airport in one week and yet have had a security guard open
> up my laptop let alone force me to login etc.... Just trying to put that
> into perspective with what you hear.  I am routinely "randomly selected" for
> more intensive screening as well, but still no one has stolen my laptop,
> turned it or forced me to login.
> Keep the paranoia down slightly (unless you have something to hide)
> Jonathan

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