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Myriam Schweingruber schweingruber at
Sun Apr 27 17:24:12 UTC 2008

On 27/04/2008, Jesus Arocho <jesus_arocho at> wrote:
> Thanks for the response.  I tried your suggestion.  The icon added would only
>  allow edits for a file.  It was not a command type icon.  Also, just by
>  serendipity I tried again and while in the add widget menu I clicked on the
>  icon to right of the yellow star icon and then all of the icons on my desktop
>  disappeared!!

Well, that's normal, es the "-" sign is used to remove the widget.

Why do you want to put a command icon on the desktop? This is very
common on the Windows desktop, I know, but IMHO only clutters the
desktop. To open an application you can either

a) open It from the menu
b) use klauncher with the ALT + F2 combination
c) use katapult: once it is started it resides in the kicker and can
be called with the ALT + Space combination
d) type the command in a terminal

with so many possibilities, you can easily forget the desktop icon for
the command.

But if you insist: in the menu, right click on the menu item and
select "Add to Desktop" which will put the command icon on the

One alternative would be to choose the "Add to Panel" option, which
puts the icon into the panel below, not cluttering the desktop. It's
comparable with the "Quick launch" panel in Windows BTW.



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