Video settings

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Apr 27 14:24:31 UTC 2008

Billie Walsh wrote:
> The native resolution for the monitor is 1280x1024 with a horizontal
> refresh of 80 and a vertical of 75. It almost looks to me like the 8.04
> is running 640x480 at 60 BUT the resolution on the screen is not 640x480.
> It "looks" more like 1280x1024. The "60" would explain the flicker
> though.

Probably the modeline for 640x480 at 60 is not in use, if it looks like 
1280x1024. Like Bruce Marshall wrote in a previous mail, try 
systemsettings -> monitor & display. There you can at least see the 
resolution and refresh rate actually used. Furthermore, there you should 
be able to configure a generic monitor of 1280x1024 (at the tab 
Hardware / administrator mode).

But this reminds me of another 1280x1024 monitor I have seen the other 
day. With the frequency ranges of the monitor, it wasn't possible to get 
1280x1024 at a higher refresh rate than 60Hz. A higher refresh rate was 
only possible for 1024x768 or lower resolution. Maybe that is your 
problem as well.


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