System video configuration

Pablo L. Berdaguer plberd-kubuntu at
Sun Apr 27 03:12:24 UTC 2008

That's a very bad name for this thread, but I really don't know how to name 
My problem is:
When I first booted ubuntu 8.04 I noticed the splash picture bigger (lower 
resolution). I deleted the quiet parameter and the text was actually much 
bigger than in 7.10.
Not much to worry about so far. When I shut the system down, the shutting down 
progress bar screen comes up horrible, no only in a very low resolution but 
the text is almos imposible to read and there's a weird flicker I've never 
seen in my lcd screen. It's actually scary.
Even worse, when I try to use the system consoles (X independent ones, 
Ctrl+Alt+F?) they don't show most of the times... they work, I can see the 
processes launched from those consoles from X. Some times I get to see the 
text on the consoles... almost... in the same low-res flickery style as the 
shutdown screen.
And recently I saw my X looking like that after letting the systen turn off 
the monitor. But after a resolution switch with xrandr I recovered it.
Nothing of this ever happens with Gutsy or VVindovvs Vista (I have all the 3 
OSs installed here now).

I tried different vga values in grub, most of them make the funny screens to 
show nothing at all... which doesn't really solve my problem.

I hope someone can help me.

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