spalah flash

Constantinos Maltezos pandarsson at
Sat Apr 26 19:52:42 UTC 2008

> OK, I had a look.  No developer activity in the past 12 months, no release
> since 2004.  No bug reports since 2005, and the last one was a build
> problem.

Thanks.  I didn't think to check that.

> Unless you want to fix it yourself and take over development, I'd say you
> have absolutely no chance of getting anywhere with this.  It looks like a
> pretty good example of why if something isn't in your distro yet, it
> probably isn't worth the bother.

I have quite a few applications that I can't get through the repositories that 
I use regularly.  A few of them are commercial programs, but there are a few 
that I've compiled myself.  The dosbox frontend that I use comes to mind.

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