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Martin Laberge mlsoft at
Sat Apr 26 15:07:45 UTC 2008

On Friday 25 April 2008 21:21:56 Larry Hartman wrote:
> I'm not looking at violating laws, but do wish to understand the technical 
> aspects of this scenario.  Here is my recap of what was suggested so far--and 
> I thank folks for responses, I am getting educated.
> 1.  External harddrives are one solution, until all your personal affects are 
> searched....this would require another traveler to hold the drive during the 
> travel.  Shipping the drive would entail a loss of accountability because the 
> package could get searched along the way.
> 2.  If the harddrive is cloned, then how good are the capabilities to examine 
> it at most security checkpoints.  Do most security checkpoints even have 
> capability to clone?  If the equipment is confiscated, then the loss is as 
> total as having the data read by unwanted eyes.
> 3.  Despite what these lawyers are doing, I do not trust the internet as a 
> viable option for secure storage.  If it is on the net, it is available for 
> all to hack and see.
> 4.  Someone above mentioned that even if the user account were not visible in 
> the display manager, the username had to be listed in /etc/passwd...which 
> would be a give away to investigators that something is up.
> 5.  Any overt encryption would also be a dead giveaway.
> 6.  Perhaps my question would be rephrased to, "how to hide data in such a 
> transparent way so as to not arouse suspicions that would cause further 
> investigation?"
> Good discussion.
> Larry

Use an encapsulation program to encapsulate your files
in standard jpeg photos. 

You have for example a data file myfile.txt and a wathever.jpg

the data file can be encapsulated in the jpeg photo, whithout being
visible when you look at the photo. (but the file size of the photo
is a little bigger than the original photo)

delete original photo, and myfile.txt and travel with the encapsulated photo.

you decapsulate, before using the data (need not be a .txt, can be anything)

search freshmeat or sourceforge, I just dont remember the name of the utility.

This is not full proof, but hardly visible, unless someone pass an integrity
check on each photos to detect the extra space used.

(for the parano, you can encrypt the data file before encapsulation)

Hope it helps.

Martin Laberge
mlsoft at

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