question on mounting of external drives

Michael Leone turgon at
Sat Apr 26 13:49:02 UTC 2008

Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Good morning,
> I have 500 gig usb drive formated in ext3 that I have been unable to 
> mount in Kubuntu 8.04 KDE4 for about a week.  I have tried this drive on 
> three machines all with the same problems.  

These 3 other machines were different OSes, right, to rule out the 
possibility that the notifier just happened to be broken in 8.04?

> Before I was getting the bug 
> where the drive mapping wasn't being rememboered correctly and getting 
> things like /media/disk, /media/disk-1, /media/disk-2, etc... and now 
> nothing.
> The device notifier doesn't even notify me a new drive has been attached.
> Any one else having the same problem or anyone have any suggestions for me?

If it doesn't work on 3 different machines (especially 3 OSes), I'd say 
the drive is broke. If it's one where you've just put an internal drive 
in an external case, then I'd try removing the drive from the case 
(maybe the case is bad). If it's not just a drive you've put in an 
external case, I'd say that drive is history, unfortunately.

> Thnak,
> Jonathan

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