Cannot log out?

Scott slewin at
Sat Apr 26 12:08:27 UTC 2008

Bruno Costacurta wrote:
>>>> In a new Kubuntu 8.04 install, I cannot log out of the user. When I
>>>> select Log Out from the shutdown menu, the screen blanks and does not
>>>> return to the KDM screen. I have let it sit for one hour on one
>>>> attempt. How can I begin to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks in
>>>> advance.
>>> I'm also having this problem. I didn't see anything in the xorg logs that
>>> would even give a hint as to what's causing it. Don't ask me why, but I
>>> think it might be a KDM issue.
> It seems to be linked with the kernel because I have this problem only with 
> 2.6.24-16
> because with previous version 2.6.22-14 log-out / shutdown works very fine.

I'm having the same problem at shutdown, have not tried to log out yet. 
  I'm using a Inspiron 1501 myself with an ATI Xpress 1100.

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