Domain name

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sat Apr 26 07:40:55 UTC 2008

 Anthony E. Caudel wrote:
> Re other conversations here, someone told me that static ip's and
> networkmanager don't get along.

I think, your DNS server needs to know the association between interface 
(MAC address of the network card) and the domain name, so other machines 
can look up names instead of IP numbers. As the DNS server is probably 
your router, you could have a look at the router configuration. Maybe 
there you can bind MAC addresses to IP numbers and host names (including 
domain names). If that isn't possible, another option would be to have a 
DNS / DHCP server running on one of your machines. If that is an option 
for you, have a look at the package dnsmasq.

> I should also have mentioned that the computer in question is a laptop
> and that I connect wirelessly.

For the host / domain name part the physical medium (wire / wireless) 
doesn't matter.


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