Security-related questions

Karl Klinger karlok at
Sat Apr 26 04:55:43 UTC 2008

Larry Hartman wrote:

> 6.  Perhaps my question would be rephrased to, "how to hide data in such a 
> transparent way so as to not arouse suspicions that would cause further 
> investigation?"

A few ideas:

1. Keep your sensitive data in a directory called, for example, 
'pictures', and then hide it by mounting a partition actually containing 
pictures over it.

2. Keep your sensitive data in a separate partition. Delete the 
partition before crossing the border, and then recreate it in the same 
place on the disk.  While the partition is deleted it will show up as 
free space in disk partitioning utilities, but after you recreate it the 
file system and data will still be there.

3. Same as 2, except use an encrypted partition.  Might make it less 
obvious that there is data in the 'free' space.


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